Horpend SystemUnique and patented system that allows the placement of concrete embankments, canals, rivers, etc. with slopes up to 60 degrees.


System Horpend opposite to other systems.
Exclusive and patent system, which allows the placement of concrete in banks, channels, rivers, etc. With earrings of up to 60 degrees.

Characteristics HORPEND Other Systems
Of concrete extension with slopes of up to 60 º.
The form can be straight, trapezoidal (executing in the same operation horizontal parts, below or/and above the slit) or round. (Hollow or Convex).
Adjustment to any section.
Reduction of the volume of the preparatory works: (without need to put cable guides, non the neither perfect leveling of the area non of the lateral ways.
High degree of mobility of the extensions between discontinuous sections of work.
Characteristics HORPEND Other Systems
Excellent level of superficial fault less without manual intervention of operatives.
High degree of adjustment before differences in the original excavation section.
Lower costs of personnel (limited number of operatives for machine, including the principal operator).
Minimization of the tasks of maintenance - cleanliness after every Day of activity.
Access to channels in curves and closed curves.
Channels with access from one side.

Technical specifications:
The contracting of the HORPEND SYSTEM includes the profiles necessary for every work.

Characteristics HORPEND
Daily performance 500 m2-1.000 m2/equipment (2 machines).
Normal width of work From 2,5 to 6 meters.
Quality of concrete Arid of 20, cone 3-5, without additives. PUMPED.
Thickness of concrete (min.: 4 cm. máx.: without limit.)
Treatment of the concrete Advisable
Fibers Advisable, 250 Gr. / m3.
Mallazo Advisable, 20-20-4
Dilatation Joints According to project.
Longitude Joints Freshly cut, if it is necessary.